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Horsing Around

I was fortunate to discover my passion in life at a very young age - HORSES! My father was a professional cowboy and horse trainer and I was raised with horses.

I always joke and say that I am definitely a girl who likes to "horse around". :-)

I did try once to be 'horse-less'. I had just moved to the Calgary area and living on my own for the first time.I decided to sell my last horse, horse trailer, and truck. I did keep all my equipment though. I guess I needed to see if I wanted to be involved in horses because I really wanted to or if it was because it was all I knew. I lasted 6 months and bought my next horse. Now, I had my answer and I have never looked back!

Therre is so much to learn about horses, and that education never stops, no matter how long you have been involved with the horse industry or how much experience you have. To that end, I have been involved in the horse industry ALL of my life, including making a career as a trainer, instructor, author, and judge and I am happy to share my knowledge.