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Additives Chemicals, and Preservatives
found in processed foods



Information about the additives and chemicals referred to in my blog can be found below. I have done the reasearch for you, but please feel free to explore some more on the health problems associated with these additives.

I have to admit that I was quite surprised when I was doing my research about these additives, chemicals or preservatives found in processed food. There are so many known side-affects and issues on our health yet they are still being allowed and used in our food..... YIKES!

You have the power and choice to decide what you and your family are eating! Poster

The addiitives / chemicals / preservatives are listed in alphabetical order and include a brief synopsis of how they affect our health:


Disodium Inosinate
(aka E631)

- Frequently contains MSG (E621).

- Allergy reactions:

      • flushed skin or burning sensation;
      • numbness and tightness in the upper body;
      • migraine headaches;
      • profuse sweating;
      • a sense of swelling, usually accompanied by gastric discomfort.

- Asthmatic people and Gout sufferers should avoid

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Potassium Chloride

This is used as a salt-substitute.

"This additive is safe, but people with kidney disease and certain heart conditions need to talk to their doctors about avoiding large amounts"


Sodium Benzoate
(aka E211)

- Forms a chemical known as Benzene when in the presence of vitamin C, which is a known carcinogenic substance.

- Has been found to damage an important area of DNA in the "power station" of cells known as the mitochondria. DNA damage is known to contribute to neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson's, and more generally, is likely to speed up the entire aging process

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Sulphites, Sulfites
(Sulfur Dioxide, Sodium Bisulfite)

- Destroys vitamin B-1

- Can cause severe reactions, especially in asthmatics.

If you think you may be sensitive, avoid all forms of this additive, because it caused at least twelve identifiable deaths in the 1980s and probably many, many more in the preceding decades.

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Xanthan Gum
(aka Guar Gum)

- Intestinal bloating and diarrhea.

- people with allergies to wheat, dairy, corn, or soy are advised to avoid.

- Then there is the issue of the workers who work with this ingredient. An evaluation of workers exposed to xanthan gum dust found evidence of a link to respiratory symptoms.

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Welcome to Un-processing Your Food!

I have found over the past few years that all the chemicals and non-natural additives in processed foods are causing health issues for my husband and myself. This has led to learning if these same processed and convenience foods can be made at home. I discovered that so many can be made at home, are actually very easy to make, and also cost effective. I decided to share what we have learned with anyone who is interested, perhaps making a healthy difference to their lives too.

Our goal is to create awareness of the health problems caused by processed foods and providing recipes to make these same foods at home.

We have discovered that 'un-processing your food' is actually quite easy - easier than you ever thought, and saves you money too.

All of the recipes have been tested in our own kitchen so be assured that they are as tasty as they are easy to make.

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