Tracy Goodbrand and Steeldust



Welcome to my personal and professional website! I have many and varied interests, but am passionate about horses, gardening, and a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.


My husband and I bought 30 acres of raw land (an alfalfa hay field) in 2006 and have been developing the property and building on it ever since.

We are doing the majority of building ourselves to ensure quality plus help out the wallet. It is a lot of work - all we seem to do is work - eat - sleep and build! I have to admit that the sense of accomplishment makes it all worthwhile!

We have been keeping a "House Journal". Feel free to check it out and see our progress.
I'll apologize now since it isn't completely up to date, but it will give you some idea of what we have accomplished and are working towards.

Although horses are my passion, I have many interests including:

  • gardening
  • gourmet cooking
  • dancing - both country & ballroom
  • creative crafts
  • wood working
  • sustainable living
  • animal behavior


I am pleased to have 2 blogs - one on "unprocessing your food" and the other on gardening. I update as time permits which unfortunately isn't as often as I like.

Unprocessing Your Food

How to make processed or convenience foods at home, without all the chemicals & additives that are affecting our health.



Growing our own food; the Square Foot Gardening method; and my gardening journal.



I operate two businesses - the first is in the horse industry. I run a small boarding operation where I take such pride caring for the horses in my care. My slogan is "where horses comes first" and my husband can tell you just how true that statement is!

I also provide riding lessons, horse training, and judge horse shows.


The second business I run is website design and development. I love creating what a client has envisioned and making their web dreams come true!

Seriously, I ensure my clients can grow their business with a strong and powerful presence on the internet.



My web site is still under construction. I will continue to work on my web site as time permits between work and our house construction.

Under Construction